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September 15, 20232 min read

Grants to Enhance Hawaiian Wellness: A Profile of Our Key Funding Partners


Aloha, and welcome to another enthralling blog post by Hui Mauli Ola! Today, we are ecstatic to share some wonderful news about the grants that power our mission to preserve the health and wellness of Native Hawaiians.

Our Respected Associates

We are pleased to announce that Hui Mauli Ola has been awarded significant grants by two illustrious organizations:

This grant allows us to concentrate on educational initiatives that are culturally relevant and thoroughly rooted in Hawaiian traditions.

This grant supports our efforts to empower the Native Hawaiian community through a variety of health and wellness programs.

What These Grants Signify for Us

These grants are more than just monetary assistance; they demonstrate the significance of our work and the impact we hope to have on the community. How are these grants influencing our initiatives?

- Educational Workshops: Thanks to the Native Hawaiian Education Program, we can expand our educational offerings, including our Hāinu Lā'au program, which emphasizes on health and wellness based on Hawaiian culture for middle school students.

- Community Cultural Learning: The Administration of Native Americans grant enables us to support practitioners who continue to teach outside of a common DOE classroom setting. This allows us to reach and impact a greater number of community members.

How You Can Participate

Your participation is not limited to reading this blog post. Here are some ways to get involved:

Join us in organizing and managing our numerous programs as a volunteer.

- Donate: Every contribution, no matter how modest, helps us achieve our mission substantially.

- Spread the Word: Follow us on social media and inform your network about our initiatives.

A Heartfelt Thank You

We are extremely grateful to the Native Hawaiian Education Program and the Administration of Native Americans for their generous assistance. These grants are a major step towards attaining our mission of empowering our community through holistic health and wellness.

We appreciate your time in reading our blog post. Hui Mauli Ola will provide additional updates and exciting tidings in the future.

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Kainoa Keanaaina

Kainoa Keanaaina, Executive Director of Hui Mauli Ola

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